Cabin Flights


Find solitude, beauty and adventure by air.


Cabin Flights are an amazing opportunity for those who enjoy camping. USFS Cabins combine the beauty of Alaska with the serenity of camping in remote locations. Many are only accessible by aircraft. Cabins suitable for up to six people are situated on various mountain lakes near Trail Lake. They offer safety from the elements and the comfort of a wood/oil stove while providing you with a primitive camping experience. Simply reserve the cabin of your choice through the U.S. Forest Service and we will fly you in and out.

USFS Cabins Fly-in Rates

Transportation Costs to Specific U.S. Forest Service Cabins
(prices quoted are round-trip fares for each airplane)

USFS Cabin via Float Plane

Click the specific location link below to be redirected the website to book the cabin located on that lake.

Find availability at the cabin of your choice then contact us to book your Cabin Fly-in Adventure.

Backcountry Yurt Rental with
Fly-In/Fly-Out Service

If hiking into a backcountry yurt doesn't work for you, a fly-in/fly-out service is available.

Increase your yurt experience by adding a 30 or 60 minute flight-seeing tour on your way to your backcountry yurt drop off. These flights offer a spectacular birds eye view of the Harding Icefield and several glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park.

Overnight Yurt Adventure Kayaks at Grant Lake Yurt Camp

Floatplane Loading Guidelines

All aircraft have weight and balance restrictions. This means the plane can only carry a particular amount of weight.
Here are some guidelines that will help you plan and pack appropriately.

Plan, research, and be prepared. Leaving civilization is incredibly fun and rewarding but comes with risks. Be prepared to be on your own.  
*Please do not hesitate to call for additional information. 

*Aircraft Rate: 1 to 5 passengers and gear, weighing up to 800 pounds combined total weight.

Back Country Camping Recommdations

Alaska, the Last Frontier, is known for its rugged beauty. These back country camping experiences let you dive into the untamed Alaskan wilderness while enjoying some of the comforts of home.

With these camping adventures you get the best of both worlds: an adventure in the wild and a comfortable retreat.

While the USFS Cabins and Moose Pass Yurts help to keep you warm and dry, Alaskan back country adventures still come with risks.
Please take the time to plan, research, and be prepared. Be prepared to be on your own.