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Fly-in Fishing

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our exceptional partners! Whether you prefer the solitude of backcountry fishing or the thrill of guided river fishing, we offer incredible Alaskan experiences that will leave you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine exploring remote lakes and rivers that are only accessible by aircraft, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and majestic wildlife. 

Our partners are passionate about preserving the natural beauty of this wonderland while ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. Unleash your inner adventurer and come with us on a journey that will leave you inspired and renewed. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!
Overnight Yurt Adventure Kayaks at Grant Lake Yurt Camp
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Guided, or Unguided
Fly-in fishing

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Fly-in or Hike-in
Yurt Camping

Canoe on Mountain Lake


Kayak in the summer
Snowshoe in the winter

Professionally Guided Fly-in Fishing

We team up with the best guides in Alaska to provide you the fishing experience of a lifetime
without the need to spend hours of preparation and research before you go.

Our partner fishing guides specialize in everything from Fly and Light Tackle guided fishing trips on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers to custom or all-inclusive fishing and lodging packages. They are professional anglers with decades of experience that take great pride in what they do.
They can help you put together an Alaskan fishing trip you won’t forget.

Book a guided tour with them and we'll fly you in.


Experience remote lake and river fishing with the convenience and comfort of professional guides by your side. 

AK Troutfitters

Alaska Troutfitters Specializes in Fly and Light Tackle guided fishing trips on the Kenai River and its surrounding fisheries.

Drifters Lodge

Drifters Lodge is your gateway to Alaskan outdoor adventures, specializing in fishing trips and All-Inclusive fishing packages.

Mister Kenai

Captain Jack Mister is a master at guiding on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, specializing in custom salmon and trout fishing trips.

Back County Yurt Camping

A memorable, primitive adventure.
Back country hiking, kayaking in glacier filled lakes, and camping in back country Alaska.

Moose Pass Yurts offers cozy hideaways. As you settle in your yurt, you will get the feeling of adventure and find a bit of inspiration from the amazing Alaskan outdoors. With accommodations for up to 5 people, these yurts feature bunks with up to one double bed and three twin beds, as well as plenty of shelving and hooks to hang up your gear. Some yurts offer a handmade spruce table, a few board games and a deck of cards for some old-fashioned fun during your back country stay.


Experience the serenity of yurt camping at a remote back country lake. 

Explore the Wild Alaskan Nature

Moose Pass Adventures is all about getting people outside, exploring the great outdoors, and learning more about the environment around us. We believe that connecting with nature can be super inspiring and help people become better stewards of the land. We want to make sure that our adventures aren’t just fun but also educational and enlightening. Our hope is that after kayaking or hiking with us, you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation and understanding of our mountains, our community and the cultural landscape that surrounds us.


Experience the nature and beauty of Alaska in kayaks, right here in the heart of the Chugach Mountains.